Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glenn Beck -- His Own Personal Chernobyl?

Dear Glenn Beck:

I sincerely PRAY to the GREAT SPIRIT that MONEY has become more important to you than your own SOUL! (Mr. Beck contemplate the morality of your decision). MONEY can truly be the ONLY and I do mean ONLY reason behind your current performances on the FOX TV and Radio Show known as The Glen Beck Show.

Mr. Rupert Murdoch has to be paying you, Mr. Beck, a whole hell of a LOT of MONEY in order to get you to behave like a JACKASS every day you are on the air live or recorded. You must feel ashamed each and every time you are required to perform. Obviously, PERFORMANCE has to be the term you use to the people who know and love you, like your wife, children, an parents. Do you get performance anxiety? Have you begun self medicating for your obvious anxiety? And if so, might I suggest that you not listen to your friend Rush Limbaugh, after all, Mr. Limbaugh lost his hearing following his own bout of self medicating.

Mr. Beck, please get a grip, remember those rap videos that you so aggressively opposed; it is difficult not to draw comparison to your own show and these very same videos. However, your behavior/performance is exponentially more bizarre and much more prone to lead to violence than you gave credit to those videos.

Glen Beck Image Credit Information: All From Fox News/The Glenn Beck Show website

Even Senator Lindsey Graham is laughing at you and offers a similar explanation as I propose above …

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Mr. Beck, I sincerely hope you love New York because it appears you will be there a very long time President Obama will probably be President until 2016, and especially as you continue to increase the bizarreness of your performance.

Yes, I personally am still boycotting most of FOX News cable and radio broadcast, but it is hard to avoid hearing, reading, and/or seeing Mr. Beck. His outrageous performances are consistently in the media. I do watch Sheppard Smith's Fox broadcast, maybe you can learn a few things from Shep...

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