Sunday, August 24, 2008


Is it just selective hearing or is this week becoming all about Hillary Clinton. All day today, I attempted to listen to the pontifications, guess work, tea leaf reading, I know what he thinks…ramblings of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and FOX news. Each time I removed my head from learning about site maps, and html, everyone was talking about Hillary Clinton. Forgive me, but didn’t Hillary Clinton LOSE the Democratic Primary?

Why are Hillary’s feelings, wishes, voice of concern to the media? Maybe it is true, Hillary Clinton will destroy your reputation in the media if you suggest negativity or not mention her at all. Is this a bit too critical?

CNN broadcasting from Denver, Colorado, where the 2008 Democratic Convention will begin on Monday, fell all over themselves giving Hillary’s name air time today, as did MSNBC, and let’s not forget the talking heads at FOX news. The coverage very much reminded me of what happened on the night and days following Senator Barack Obama becoming the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party; a majority of air time was focused on Hillary Clinton, not Senator Obama.

Most American women would love to have a strong, competent, successful, intelligent, thoughtful, passionate, female leader as a candidate for President of the United States. Hillary Clinton does not possess all of the qualities necessary for the position, or she would be the person accepting the nomination on Thursday night. The American people will first hear from Bill Clinton probably speaking about the race Hillary made in her bid for the nomination on Wednesday; on Tuesday we are going to be forced to listen Hillary pontificate and praise the almighty “I”.

Maybe the speeches presented by the Clintons will be very much their form of pageantry in passing the torch and stepping aside from their accomplishments much similar to the way the China passed the Olympic Flag and Torch to England at the close of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

I have always been a glass half filled kind of girl!

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