Saturday, August 23, 2008


22 August 2008

Last night and again tonight, Keith Olbermann covered the story of John McCain being questioned about how many homes he and Mrs. McCain owned. Senator McCain’s response was that he would have to have an aid get back to the questioner with the answer as Senator McCain was not sure how many homes they owned.

Of course the Main Stream Media had a field day with this answer and Senator Obama immediately fired off a new campaign ad highlighting his opponent’s response. This obviously caught the McCain campaign a little off guard and they responded with three new campaign ads attacking Senator Obama.

Thus far, the entire incident was comical and amusing to me. But all of this was completely within the realm of typical campaign attacks. However, later in the evening, I happened to catch Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes Show just when Sean Hannity began discussing the GOP Talking Points of the evening. First the comments regarding Senator Obama’s million dollar mansion which (2) has some extraneous connection to Rezko (see ) but somehow the conversation then switches to (3) Barrack Obama’s poverty stricken half brother in Africa. Additionally, Sean Hannity then proceeded to mock this man situation by announcing that he would send him a check for $1,000.00 since Senator Obama obviously was not taking care of this half brother. Privately, I think to myself… “Pretty low even for Hannity”. Everyone is aware that Barack Obama’s father did not have an active hand in raising Barack, and it wasn’t until he was an adult that he met any of his siblings in Africa. Then I changed the channel to the Olympics.

But first thing this morning, CNN had this little tidbit ( ). Most of the morning this was important news, however one sided it was. I don’t recall anyone discussing any of John McCain’s siblings or any of the not so scrupulous family skeletons from Cindy’s family.

I was listening to “The Randi Rhodes Show” ( ) this afternoon; I was unaware of any skeletons in either of their families. Randi played a clip from this link ( ), from a National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast and investigation. It was here; today that I learned for the first time that Cindy McCain has siblings. I had constantly heard from Cindy McCain’s own mouth that she was an ONLY child. I still have not heard any of this in the main stream media, have you?

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