Friday, October 24, 2008

$150,000.00 Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue Shopping Spree --

This is how it works in “Real America”…Ex-beauty queen, becomes mayor of small Alaska town, becomes Governor of Alaska and until now she is a hometown hockey mom, with a twist. Then she becomes the running mate for the Republican Presidential nominee, and “BAM” new designer wardrobe, Saks and Neiman Marcus right down to her Jimmy Choo’s; no longer just the Governor, and hockey mom, now the designed “elitist”. If you think otherwise, then I have a foreclosed home on my circle I can sell you for $320,000.00 to keep the value of our home from dropping.

But why should a $150,000.00 price tag surprise anyone, after all, Ms. McCain was wearing a $350,00.00 haute couture outfit (bet Cindy paid for her own outfit) during the final night of the RNC Convention and let us not forget the $1800.00 Ferragamo Nour 2 Loafers that John McCain wears every day (I bet Cindy paid for those too). As we know and respect, Cindy and John McCain can afford expensive designer stuff, after all Cindy reported she earned $4.2 million in income in 2007 According to Todd and Sarah Palin’s 2007 income tax return the two of the together grossed $166,000 including $3300 in per diem paid by the state of Alaska. No way she can afford a $150,000.00 shopping spree. So who paid? No wonder Senator McCain looked so stressed sitting next to Governor Palin during their recent interview. But the comments McCain made some years ago that really bring this wholly Real-American form of socialism, as my favorite radio talk show host Randi Rhodes is fond of saying, “privatize profits and socialize losses; In good times, the profits remain private, making the rich even richer. In dark hours, after years of bad loans and choices, the losses become everyone's problem.”,-Septemeber-15,-2008.html

Thank you Keith Olbermann

How many of you can go on any shopping spree? How many of you can plan you Christmas shopping now? Have you figured out how to tell your children they will not be receiving that Wii console they have been waiting for three years to have under the tree?

Tell John McCain and Sarah Palin that you are paying attention to what they do as well as what they are saying by casting your VOTE!!!

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