Friday, October 10, 2008


I listened as the reporters and media discussed how the McCain Palin campaign was not allowing the press present during Governor Palin’s meetings with world leaders during the UN General Assembly. The campaign had originally decided to have a pool reporter present until at the last minute, the Palin forces decided they only wanted a still photographer present. The media had been shut out by the McCain/Palin campaign. The media’s response…

The media carried the story of the “shut out,” along with the still photographs that the McCain/Palin campaign wanted the public to see in the first place. So what was the point? Having Sarah Palin’s name in the news (if this can be considered news), and to have photos of Sarah Palin conversing with multiple world leaders; shaking hands with various world leaders. And the fell right into step and did exactly what they were supposed to do, following the direction of the McCain/Palin campaign while appearing to be kicking and screaming as the media continues to do what it is told.

NOW WE KNOW WHY!!! SARAH PALIN CAN’T BE TRUSTED! She lied about her own abuse of power. That’s why she didn’t want to talk to reporters. Sarah Palin has had the audacity to question Senator Barack Obama’s credibility, judgment and character; “Guilt By Accusation”…watch out for those who throw stones. Who do you want to trust now for the White House for the next four years?????

Tonight, it is very strange that only MS-NBC, AP and Reuters are the only news covering this tonight.


chad said...

Abuse of POWER. She will never see the inside of a court room or face the music of a public trial. The powers that be may just pardon her of any wrong doing. That is why I think they rushed the investigation before the election. If she does get disciplined by the state of Alaska, all I see is a fine being imposed. I do not see a civil suit making a big dent in an already beat up campaign.

If there is a game changer or a October surprise, I think it will be in the form of some sort of racial unrest. The talking heads seem to be reporting on a lot of hate filled stories surrounding the McCain rallies. Or it could be Bin Ladin gets killed or captured. A lot of pressure is on Bush to do something right before he leaves office. I can see John McCAIN taking credit for having had played a important part in this event should it come to pass.
Head Lines “McCain & Palin help get Bin Ladin”.

Rocki said...

TrooperGate/TaserGate (as she is now calling it), will simply open the door to investigate in depth both her Administrations. No telling what they will find, including the construction of her new home, her conduct in assigning the contracts for the pipeline to Canada. There is surely more to come. Stay tuned. As to the October Surprise...Can you say LANDSLIDE!!!!