Monday, February 16, 2009

My Letter to Senators McCain and Kyle Regarding Arizona's Economic Crisis

(NOTE -- The following is the letter I sent to Arizona Senators on 7 Feb 09, to date, I have received no response.)

Senator John McCain

Senator John Kyle

7 February 2009

I have lived in Mesa, Arizona for the past ten years. There are several elementary schools in a five-mile radius of my home. In addition, a school no longer serves as a school, but as a Mesa Unified Schools Administration/Communications Building. In the two schools closest to my home, students attend classes in double wides that are falling apart. Yet that Administration building has had new landscaping and cosmetic construction done every year we have lived in Mesa. The education system in Arizona is very very badly broken. Budget cuts focused on education will continue to deteriorate an already troubled education system. It is not just public school budget cuts, but also State universities.

Senators, what are your plans to fix the poor education system in Arizona? By refusing to help President Obama’s stimulus plan, you are telling me and other Arizonians you do not care about education in Arizona. You did nothing, said nothing when the state was being fined millions a month for not having an English Learning curriculum for students whose first language was not English.

Residential foreclosures have increased at a rate-keeping pace with California and Florida. On the circle I live there are eight homes, two have been foreclosed so far just this year. Unemployment reflected by federal numbers, count only those currently receiving checks. Those like me who are no longer eligible to receive a check, do not count in the announced percentage of unemployed. Senators, the unemployment rate is much higher than reported to you or as reported on in the news.

No major, fair market salaries, with long term need for employees, generating businesses are beating the doors down to move to Arizona, as a matter of fact those that are here are leaving, i.e., GM, Circuit City, Mervyn’s, the state. What do you plan to do to replace these losses? Why are you not talking to your constituency about these issues? Instead, you spend your days denouncing the President’s proposed solution to a national crisis.

I am not sure if this is simple grandstanding on your part of a complete lack of interest in what is happening to normal American Arizonians, but let me suggest that you consider getting in touch with reality.

We are in trouble nationally; if you choose to do nothing to resolve the major issues, facing Arizonians and Americans, you may find your selves unemployed during your next election in 2010.

Please Send Me Answers

Rocki Passano


chad said...

These two Senators have long since out lived their usefulness to the state of Arizona. As far as wasteful spending from the White House about new air transport for the single most important person in this country.
Well Senator McCain I do not see you asking any of your military buddies or aircraft manufactures to donate their aircraft, or any of your oil friends to donate fuel for the cause. Just why are you here? This country needs to pull it together now with or without you. Where is the patriotism, companies should be lining up to be apart of our country government. If I built helicopters I would be the first to offer up my product. Think about it.

Rocki said...


Are you aware that the helicopter purchase that was brought up by Senator McCain yesterday, was ordered in 2001 by President G.W. Bush's Administration. This is the type of waste that President Obama is doing something about.

John McCain can't step up, he would be doing something that is going to upset a lot of his contributors, and the President's policies will also interfere in Congress being able to give projects and or contracts to their buddies as well.

It shall all be very interesting to see what happens in the future. We shall keep watching and listening.