Sunday, February 22, 2009


The recent famous cartoon from the Murdock Corporation’s (see previous post -- Boycott Fox News) New York Post, and the comments from our newly sworn Attorney General, Eric Holder, attention to “race” in America has became elevated to the forefront of “news”.

A discussion is very important to have in this nation today but we should first decide what we are discussing. It seems simple let us start with basics – The Torment Webster’s Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary definitions follow:

  • Human (adj) – (1) of or relating to, or characteristic of man or mankind; (2) Having or manifesting the form, nature, or qualities characteristic of human beings, especially: (a) Showing qualities characteristic of people as distinguished from machines, such as sympathy or fallibility; (b) Pertaining to or being a human being as distinguished from a lower animal, reasoning, moral; (c) Pertaining to or being a human being as distinguished from a divine entity or infinite intelligence, mortal, earthly; (3) Made up of people;

Usage --

Human (noun) is acceptable on all levels and in context not limited to the scientific or technical. In somewhat earlier usage, human being was often recommended as the better choice on a formal level, though human has a long history as a noun.

  • Human being (n) – A member of the genus Homo, and especially of the species Homo sapiens; a person;

  • Homo sapiens (n) – (1) The taxonomic designation for modern human beings, the only extant species of the genus Homo; (2) The human being as a thinking creature as distinguished from other organisms;

  • Humanity (n) – (1) Human beings collectively; the human race; mankind; (2) The condition, quality or fact of being human; human nature ; humanness; (3) The quality of being human, benevolence, kindness, mercy; (4) A humane attribute or action;

  • People (n) – (1) A body of persons living in the same country under one national government; nationality; (2) A body of persons sharing a common religion, culture, language, or inherited condition of life; (3) Persons in general; men, woman and children; human individuals collectively; (4) The mass of ordinary persons; the populace; (5) (a) The citizens of a nation, state or other political unit; (b) In certain forms of Marxist ideology, the proletariat: a people’s court; (6) Persons subordinate to or loyal to a ruler, superior, or employer; (7) (a) Family, relatives, or ancestors; (b) Visitors, guests; (8) Persons with regard to some characteristic or considered as a group, working people, young people; (9) Human beings considered as distinct from lower animals or inanimate things; (10) A race or kind of beings distinct from human beings: the little people;

  • Race (n) – (1) (a) A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics; (b) The division of mankind according to such characteristics; discrimination on the grounds of race; (2) The human species as a whole: the human race; (3) Any group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution; (4) A genealogical line: a lineage; a family (5) Any group of people having a particular characteristic in common: Gardeners are a patient, plodding race; (6) Biology: (a) A plant or animal population that differs from others of the same species in one or more hereditary traits; a subspecies; (b) A breed or strain, as of domestic animals; (7) A distinctive quality; (8) Sprightliness; style;

Taken in its logical progression, all people are members of the human race. “Race” as used in America denotes a classification. Humans are not a classification we are The Race.

America let us stop classifying each other, let us embrace our own humanity; let us embrace all humanity. I truly believe that if we the people can have a discussion that involves all, as human beings, we can begin to understand and attempt changing our perceptions that skin color or ethnicity defines human beings.

It is time for America to heal on every front; there is already too much division in our nation. Yes, this past week was difficult for me because our history at times has been cruel to its own. I do still find disparity in our country. I had to teach my own child Black History, because it was not covered when he went to public schools. It does bother me that America does not include the history of Black Americans in history books or teach it in schools. It bothers me because by omitting the history and contributions of Blacks in America deprives many of the truth about our country. These are the issues we the people should consider focusing attention in the effort to discuss ethnic divisions in our country.

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