Monday, June 22, 2009

UNREST Amongst Cable News Viewers

As one of America’s many news junkies, I spend many hours surfing between all the news channels to get the latest on what is happening in the world. This weekend I finally got very aggravated with each and every news channel who for some reason don’t think we know what channel we are watching. You know what I am talking about; "Up Next, Breaking New Video...";A new video from the internet is being shown on “X” Cable News Network; icons take up more than one third of the screen with some “Network Information Icons", and under that taking up another half an inch is the “Breaking News Crawler”. In addition, the Network Symbol Logo icon and another icon with the name of the show.

All and all viewers get between one to two thirds of the actual video the announcer claims you want people to see. What is wrong with you media people? Don’t you watch your own broadcast? Even with high definition 50 inch television, viewers miss a lot of important stuff.

When viewers connect laptop computers to the television set, the entire video can be viewed unobstructed. So why do viewers need to watch the main stream media? Get a clue, main stream media all those icons are NOT really necessary? We know what network and show we are watching, we don’t need instructions. Get rid of the clutter.

Don’t make me have to hook up my lap top and turn you off!

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