Saturday, July 4, 2009



The last week in June 2009 confirms that LIFE is too short and we have to do the very best we can with the time we are given on this planet to treat everyone the way we wish to be treated.

Ed McMahon – Every generation alive today had been exposed to Ed’s voice and face on television through his time on the Tonight show to Star Search to his many commercials for various products. Mr. McMahon had been ill for some time and died at age of 88. Hopefully he had a long and happy life while he was on this planet.

Farrah Fawcett – A very talented, yet underrated actress died after a brave battle with cancer for the past three and one half years at the age of 62. After her one year stint on “Charlie’s Angles,” Ms Fawcett’s acting career seemed to disappear, be disparaged, and belittled. However, anyone who saw her breakthrough, made for TV movie “The Burning Bed” observed first hand this blonde beauty’s ability to act on an exceptional level that “Charlie’s Angels” could never take her. Ms. Fawcett’s performance told the story of an abused wife and mother who continued to have physical, verbal, and emotional abuse heaped upon her day after day of torture expressed in her eyes, facial expressions and body movements with such dramatic effect that every woman who watched could easily empathize with the character. That’s telling a story. Ms. Fawcett opened her life to us with the release of “Farrah’s Story”, which documented her struggles and triumph’s over the cancer which eventually took her life.

Michael Jackson – A start that burned so bright and provided so much light; humanity found it necessary to tarnish to dimness that light with dishonor, deceit, contempt, and greed. And now that star has burned out, Michael is dead. Did we appreciate him enough when he was here? Did we appreciate the gifts of song, dance and music he brought to the world? Obviously we didn’t and we still don’t especially if you look at TV News.

News(?) Media has reported rumor, innuendo, gossip and speculation about Michael Jackson, his finances, his health, his drug use/abuse, and his ability to perform, from people who claim to be close to him, but who probably don’t know anything. The media reports these scurrilous rumors and gossip as truth without any regard or thought for the grieving Jackson family or Michael Jackson’s children. Did Michael deserve this treatment? It didn’t happen with Ed McMahon or Farrah Fawcett, the media did not question McMahon’s finances, even though it had been reported that McMahon was having financial difficulties.

How he died matters to his family; as a fan, all that is important is Michael Jackson is DEAD. Hopefully he left new unpublished music we will be able to appreciate and enjoy well into the future. Hopefully his children will have the ability to forgive the News(?) Media for their scurrilous rumors regarding the death of their Father, some day; I am not sure I can or will forgive the Main Stream Media for their extreme sensationalism of Jackson’s death, it really is unnecessary.

Photo Credits to Life Magazine and Newsday

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