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HEALTHCARE– Public Option and Congressional Opposition

I have listened and attempted to understand the logic dictating Congressional Opposition to a Public Option being included in the Health Care Reform Package but I can’t figure out the logic nor understand the strategic plan. That is unless the strategic plan is to do nothing, change nothing and reform nothing as Congress eats and drinks at the MONEY trough of lobbyist. The main objection seems to be who will pay for Health Care Reform; and of course the President has a pay as you go policy. But this does not explain what their Health Care Reform is and who in America their plan will benefit. “... Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., interrupting the opening remarks of Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., called the proceedings a "joke" and suggested the panel needed better cost estimates before it took up the legislation.

"I suggest we not move forward until we have some provision on how we're going to pay for it," McCain said. "Obviously, the CBO estimates that came out yesterday are much, much higher than we have originally estimated and we've yet to pay for them."

Here is my suggestion for Senator McCain and the rest of my Congress – First, get off your dead ass and do your damn job and be thankful you have your job because a lot of Americans don’t; you might not have your job following your next election if you keep making the American people suffer. Second and this is specifically for you Senator McCain, you are a triple dipper…Senator McCain receives a monthly Navy pension (along with all the benefits befitting a retired Naval Officer (including insurance, medical benefits, and drug benefits); Senator McCain also receives a monthly salary as a U.S. Senator (along with all the benefits of a tax paid employee (including insurance, medical benefits and drug benefits, oh I forgot dental and vision (above); and because he is over age 65, he receives a monthly Social Security payment and Medicare Benefits. Taxpayer dollars pay for all of this Senator McCain; true you have earned your Navy benefits and I salute you as an American Hero for your Naval Service and your endurance. However, since you can’t seem to do your job getting Real Health Care Reform for United States Citizens and specifically for Arizonians, you should QUIT or be FIRED. At that point, Senator McCain, you will only be a double dipper.

  • Over forty million Americans are currently without Health Care
  • Every American Senator and Representative has a Public Health Care Option
  • The Bush Administration Medicare Reform had a giant “Donut Hole” which benefited the lobbyist, pharmaceutical companies and possible some politicians but gouged the elderly.
  • Clinton Administrations attempt at Health Care Reform was blocked by Congress and never even got off the ground

In the meantime the American public has had the following heaped upon us

  • My personal favorite – HMOs and PPOs

Not sure what HMO stands for, but I do know that since their existence, actual health care has been diminished

    • Doctor/patient ratios increased significantly;
    • Doctor time spent with patient, decreased dramatically;
    • Doctors no longer “see” patients, and rarely physically touch their patients;
    • Doctors very readily prescribe pharmaceutical drugs which in many cases are unnecessary;
    • Doctors run lots of expensive tests that usually result in normal parameters but never help in the diagnosis of the initial problem;
    • Doctors no longer look at the whole body to determine diagnosis – there is no time;
  • Consistently Increasing Prescription Drug Cost
    • Drugs that became approved by FDA in the 1960’s and 1970’s today cost 50% or more in comparison to original released rates;
    • Recently developed drugs are released without thorough testing (primarily because of cost) sometimes resulting in deaths that are considered collateral damage;
    • Increased law suits resulting from deaths or lifelong impairment due to taking drugs that have not had rigorous testing; most are not “frivolous” as suggested by former President Bush with his tort reform. Households who are affected by improper drugs will have life long medical problems which will have to be paid – Pharmaceutical companies are not volunteering to pay these costs;
    • Drug companies profits keep going up;
    • Drug company CEO’s and top management are paid more than the President of the United States in most cases ;
  • Insurance Companies Ripping Off Consumers
    • Personal note – I believe insurance is the biggest SCAM in America. Really think about this people – Life Insurance (oxymoron?) – Once you get life insurance you pay premium rates each year/month, each birthday your rates increase and/or you add more insurance, paying more and more every year till you die; then someone else gets the benefits. How is that insurance on your life?
    • Monthly premium rates have tripled in comparison to inflation rates over the last nine years;
    • Coverage has decreased to consumers and health providers together nickel and dime consumers to death with hidden costs that are no longer covered by “the plan”
    • Medical Insurance Companies profits have increased along the same rate as the premium rate increases over the last nine years
    • Insurance company CEO’s salaries are more than the President of the United States in most cases;

Congress, We the Hardworking People, have given everything we have monetarily in taxes, we have nothing left to give to you or the pharma companies, insurance companies, and HMO, PPO’s , who have all gained so much monetarily. Stop sucking the blood of the middle class. Do you job for the people and stop sucking up to Corporations. If you can’t do your job, QUIT!

I did my research; below you will find some supporting web documentation that will open the eyes of the American people to the farce that Congress refuses to see.,%20Higher%20Revenue

Health Insurer UnitedHealth 2Q Earnings Jumps On Prior-Year Charges, Higher Revenue

JUNE 17, 2009, 6:34 P.M. ET

4th UPDATE: Senate Republicans Assail Process On Health Care

   By Patrick Yoest 

Top 17 Paychecks in Big Pharma

May 19, 2008 — 2:35pm ET

by Tracy Staton and Maureen Martino

Few statistics are as hotly debated as CEO pay reports. Investors, analysts, and the just plain curious all want to know how much the head honcho makes--and how one company's chief stacks up against another's. So here for your rubbernecking pleasure are the 17 highest-paid CEOs in Big Pharma. While the names themselves probably won't be a surprise, their pecking order might. For instance, the biggest drug maker by sales--Pfizer--doesn't have the highest-paid executive, and one of the relatively small fry counts its chief among the top 10.

For Immediate Release Contact: Joanne Doroshow, 212/267-2801

September 30, 2003

Insurance Companies Raking in Huge Profits

Contrary to what insurance lobbyists may be telling lawmakers, newly-released data shows

that insurance company profits, including those of medical malpractice insurers, are booming and insurance analysts are privately raving about it.

According to the September 15, 2003 issue of Business Insurance (“Market conditions still

ripe for insurer profitability; Buyers to see rate hikes ease”), 14 property/casualty insurers saw a 35.9% increase in net income, to $7.5 billion, in the first half of 2003. Only Hartford booked an $888 million first-half loss, reflecting a $3.91 billion pretax charge for asbestos reserves in the first quarter.

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