Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Palin Homework for the VP Debate on Thursday

Over the past several weeks since the end of the Republican Convention, there has been a lot of news about Governor Sarah Palin…Senator John McCain's choice for Vice President. I have watched and listened to learn what I could about the Governor. I listened to her acceptance speech; I did my own homework on the Governor including her time as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. I also did a little research on Governor Palin as a woman, wife, mother and person. The first thing that jumps out is how easily this person lies. The lying words slip; slide and glide out of Governor Palin’s mouth with such ease, practiced skill and little or no hesitation.

Governor Sarah Palin instantly reminds you of the type of American woman you know (from the neighborhood, the play ground, the church or meet in the grocery store, on occasion), who knows what is best for everyone and has no problem letting everyone know exactly what is best for everyone…everyone, except herself. Governor Palin is the kind of woman that you really don’t like very much right from the beginning. Including that very phony accent, which didn't exist during her time as a sportscaster or as a beauty contestant. Let us not forget that annoying WHINNNE in her voice.

Remember the bridge to nowhere, the jet on eBay and the personal cook that was fired. Didn’t happen! That’s right those were lies once stated by Governor Palin, were then repeated over and over by the media. There was also the bomb shell that the Governors sixteen year old daughter was pregnant but would soon be marrying the father of the baby; however, this fact should not be a dynamic in deciding who to vote for in November.

As stated in the past, it would be very nice to have the right, competent female as President or Vice President, but women have standards, Hillary Clinton did not make the cut and neither does Sarah Palin. Do some of your own homework and you will find, as mayor, Sarah Palin began office with a balanced budget and no deficit for a town of less than ten thousand people. Upon leaving office, the town was some 23 million dollars or more in debt. This after receiving some 50 million dollars in government ear marks.

Similarly, Hillary Clinton mismanaged her campaign and financing; everyone thought she was the logical choice for Democratic nominee. Loosing to Senator Obama, Senator Clinton found herself over 11 million dollars in debt; proving that neither of these females has the ability to successfully manage a budget.

However unlike Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and her husband (The First Dude) are already ducking for cover, employing the current administrations favorite line “executive privilege”, when confronted with their wrong doing; and yes, just flat refusing to honor subpoenas issued by the Alaska State Legislation; Bill Clinton was President when Hillary Clinton was subpoenaed to appear before Congress and the Special Prosecutor. (

Governor Palin refuses to comply with subpoenas for freedom of information or co-operate with investigations. According to the Republican Campaign Committee, “The coverage last week was ``not what I would call objective journalism,'' Davis said. ``So until at which point in time we feel like the news media is going to treat her with some level of respect and deference, I think it would be foolhardy to put her out into that kind of environment.''

Deference and respect…two words that are never applied when Republicans are referring to the American people; we have been reduced to a nation of whiners ( and more recently Americans have become the fundamentals of the economy.

“At the same time, in Sarah Palin news, Sarah Palin tells Sean Hannity that when John McCain says the "Fundamentals of the economy are strong," he's talking about American workers and their strength.

Poor Sarah Palin. McCain himself, after repeating his "fundamentals" comment, knew he was in trouble, so he tried to lie his way out of it and say that, by "fundamentals," he meant the strength of the American worker.”

Governor Palin appears very proud of her time as Mayor of Wasilla even though Wasilla is known to be the meth capital of Alaska; has the highest high school drop out rate per capita; has the highest rate of rape, incest and sexual related assaults against minors per capita. Additionally, rape victims in Wasilla were forced to pay for there own rape kits because the kits include the "morning after" pill, by Mayor Palin. Does America really want Palin and McCain (yes, that is what she said) ticket to win?

Governor Palin, have you listened to yourself speak? My questions to you are; does the Gnome of the North Pole bring that accent to you every two years? After attending, what, five or was it six different colleges you finally graduated with a degree in journalism; did they teach you English? Are you attempting to manipulate the American people into believing you are something you are not? Are you attempting to portray women as inept, ill informed, and unintelligent? If so, you are doing a great job, just watch this clip from CBS News with Katie Couric as she spends time with the Governor.

Watch CBS Videos Online

That should hold us until after the debate on Thursday, but there is more America…DO YOUR HOMEWORK!


chad said...

McCain’s staff has their hands full. Tonight we will see how well they did. I do not think Palin is going to mess up to bad as far as performance is concerned. It comes down to the information given to her and how much she retained.

Rocki said...

Chad, I totally agree with your opinion of the McCain staff and the fact that they are incompetent is proven by Palin's lack of responses in her most recent interviews. I think we will see the real Palin tonight, without the whine or the accent and with complete sentences. (I hope) However, there is also the chance that Biden will let her have it and she will end up running off the stage in tears.


chad said...

A question for you. Did Palin remove an ear piece from her hair after the debate? She did have some answers that came to quickly. Just an observation. I am not sure if that is what I saw, but it sure as hell looked that way to me. Let them claim a victory if they want, we all know that she had the bar set at shoe level. Victory by way of not falling on your face. I do not think she was able to stand up to her handlers, this had the stink of kkkarl rove all over it. I still think she had an ear wig device, but that could be just me Mr.Conspiracy.

Rocki said...

Say it ain't so Joe! I definitely missed that if she was wearing an ear bud. But I wouldn't be surprised, remember George W. was said to have been wearing a bud when he debated Kerry. Palin was different. You could tell when she had her talking points she would loose the whine in her voice. But when she was lost and didn't have the right cards in front of her, she would revert back to the whine. Also, did you notice that she constantly called Joe Biden, O'Biden? At times, Palin, would be talking so fast that she would run the names together. What was with the winking? Was that supposed to endear me to her? It made me think she had an additional disease/syndrome we don't know about!