Friday, September 19, 2008


At Age 13 She Was Impregnated…

While watching the news the other night, I heard this story on the local news. Immediately as a woman and a mother, I was angered that this young child had become impregnated she could barely be in puberty; but as the story progressed, I became even more angry, as the school officials, the principle, the nurse, the teachers, didn’t seem to know she was pregnant; the young child gave birth (probably alone) and the new born infant ended up in the trash can at school with the umbilical cord still attached; but at the end of the story it was announced the young child who is 14 now may face charges because she abandoned the new born infant.

There are so many wrong things about this incident that need addressing. First of all – Who abandoned this young child as if she is currently 14 years old, she could not have been when she became pregnant. Was the person who impregnated her arrested, charged and convicted of statutory rape? Sorry at age 13 a young child can not decide/consent to have voluntary sex.

Second – we don’t teach sex education to our youth. If you can have a baby at 13, you should know what sex is all about at 13. Obviously parents, churches, and government’s messages of abstinence are failing to be heard by 13 year old children. If only one child gives birth to a child, we have failed to get the message that sex, intercourse results in babies or worse, death.

Third – What kind of nurse, school or otherwise, can’t recognize the signs of pregnancy. Why didn’t the parents alert the school to the situation with the young child? Did the parents know the child was pregnant? Did the child know she was pregnant?

Fourth – Today, there is much discussion regarding Pro Life and Pro Choice. This discussion upsets me most because it puts far less importance on the lives of the children already in existence than in those that may or may not exist in the future. Lets face it people. Far less importance is placed on the lives of children who everyday are at risk simply by going to or from school and church. Oh no you don’t, this is for real, and everyone is aware that this is the case. If you are Pro Life, please be Pro Life for those young children who are alive and facing what this young child will have to face, most likely, ALONE.

Fifth – Many scoffed at Senator Obama’s attempts to provide legislation to educate kindergarten students how to protect themselves from sexual predators; it is turned into something sinister, cheap and dirty by John McCain. Where is Senator McCain to help this young lady, she is after all an Arizona citizen. We need realistic comprehensive programs that educate parents, teachers, faculty, staff, and students about SEX, the responsibilities, the risks and the consequences. The Life We Save May Already Exist! This education is not intended for just females, but also extends to males, who also need to know about SEX, the responsibilities, the risks and the consequences.

Sixth – Who is responsible for the welfare and care of both of these minors? Who will teach this young child how to take care of her self ? Who will teach her how to care for her child? Who will support the education and subsequent room, board, heath care of these two minors through college? Who is going to house them, John McCain? He has homes he can’t remember how many or where they are, maybe Senator will allow this young child to live in one of his homes.

There is more to be learned, more to be said, but right now it is important to recognize BABIES SHOULDN’T BE HAVING BABIES!

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