Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Living in Arizona and so close to the ASU campus, I watched Pat Tillman play football both in college and as a NFL Arizona Cardinal. It was not surprising to hear the announcement that he would forego his NFL career to join the Army Rangers following “9-11”; not to me or most Arizonians. When word came that he had been killed by enemy fire in Afghanistan, I don’t think anyone in Arizona believed it at first. But then it began to sink in. Several memorials were held in Tempe by the Sun Devils and fans; the Cardinals and fans, as well as the NFL to honor Pat Tillman and his family. When word came that he had died in other circumstances by friendly fire, Arizonians became upset and angry.

To this day, only those present at the time of Pat Tillman’s death know what actually transpired, many differing versions were told to the public and we know now that many differing versions were given to the Tillman family. The U.S. Government completely failed this family for several years yet, Pat Tillman’s mother Mary Tillman persevered in her effort to obtain truthful answers to the circumstances of her oldest son’s death. The result, this book, is a wonderful, powerful, informational account as a mother’s tribute to her son’s life.

I highly recommend all Americans read this book, it will make you laugh, get angry, feel sadness, and a whole host of other emotions as you relieve Pat Tillman’s Mother’s perspective of her son’s life, his death, and the lies the government told about how he died. You learn and feel all the emotions this family experienced in coming to terms with the end of the life of one who gave much for his country. You also realize that the Tillman family is only one of many military families that are experiencing similar situations resulting in those angry emotions returning once more. Mrs. Tillman’s account forces you to experience all the emotions imaginable in the telling of this story.

After reading this and being aware of all that has transpired since Americans were hoodwinked into a war in Iraq instead of completing the job America began in Afghanistan, it is absolutely necessary that America have new leadership in the White House. Of course, this is just my opinion you must read the book yourself.

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