Wednesday, September 10, 2008


“No one knows what war is about, but my family, period!” Meghan McCain declared in an interview with Meredith Vieira on the Today Show (9/9/08). Meghan (23) a graduate of Columbia University, was not born when her father was a POW in Vietnam, there is no information available on the military status of her brothers Doug (48) an American Airlines pilot or Andy (46) an executive at Hensley & Co (Cindy McCain’s family business), or sister Sidney (41) who is in the music business in Toronto, Canada; however younger brothers Jack (22) recently graduated from the Naval Academy, Jimmy (20) is a Marine deployed to Iraq and sister Bridget (17) is still in school.

What exactly does Meghan know about war better than anyone? Meghan McCain has not served in the military much less in combat during a war. What does she know about being shot at by an unknown enemy? What does Meghan McCain know about being shot at by your own comrades? Does her family know about war better than Pat Tillman’s family? Suggestion read Mary Tillman’s book “Boots on the Ground by Dusk”, she might truly learn a little about war. Maybe she should speak with the family of Lori Piestewa, who died during an ambush in Nasiriyah in Southern Iraq, just three days after ground engagement began in Iraq. Lori was a single Mother with two young children, Brandon and Carla. There are over 4,000 families in the United States who know a hell of a lot more about war than Meghan McCain who is old enough, and educated enough to know better than to make declarations of this nature. Megan’s father was shot down in Vietnam, held as a POW for five and one half years, tortured during that time, but he is alive; as stated above Meghan was not born than and today she can still speak to her father. What does Megan McCain know about war? Meghan knows as much about war, as her Father knows about being President of the United States.

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Rocki said...

Her mother should smack the sh_t out of that prissy bit_h. Bet you don't see her on tv ever again.