Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The main stream media talking heads expend a lot of energy questioning Senator Obama’s Vice Presidential selection and then in the most negative form of journalism questioning Senator Obama’s qualifications for President. The manner the questions are asked is negative, the tone of the questions are negative, all conducted in a manner that doesn’t appear to apply when John McCain is front and center in the news.

Most offensive “Does Barack Obama have enough experience to be President?” Since neither candidate has ever been President of the United Sates, why is this question never presented about Senator McCain’s experience to be President? Shouldn’t the correct question be “What qualifies either candidate to be President?” Do you ever hear a commentator ask that question or how about “What in either candidates experience disqualifies them to be President?”

Does America need a candidate who has military experience? (Bill Clinton comes to mind) Why does John McCain’s POW experience elevate his qualifications? Both candidates are Senators; shouldn’t their voting records and their actions in their home states count for something? Rarely, if ever do you hear any commentator discuss John McCain’s voting record for his home state of Arizona.

Does America need a President with POW experience? What toll has Senator McCain’s POW experience had on his mental capacity? We know he endured great physical torture for instance because the Republicans have no problem informing us on a regular basis over and over every time they have an opportunity. One never hears anyone, John McCain, his wife, the Republicans, nor the main stream media ever mention or have anything to say about the mental torture John McCain endured. What impact the POW mental torture has had on his psyche? What about the long term affects of POW mental torture which could potentially impact his decision making should he become President. Additionally, has Senator McCain been checked for Alzheimer’s disease? Just because his Mother does not show any problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease at 96 years old (a great thing), but she was never tortured either.

A realistic threat to this country would be if John McCain was to become President in 2008, as we have not truly vetted him. Senator McCain did not allow the press to see all of his medical records, ever wonder why?

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